SOME NEW STUFFS!! YEY - Patch 1.44

HELLO GUYS, i launched this game yesterday and i receive some feedbacks. I'm REALLY HAPPY about what everone think about the game.  :DDD 

So, i decided to make some improvements in the game wich are listed bellow:

  • Level XP Bar - Now you know what are happening and how close you are to the BIG BOSS!! 
  • Damage Bar - Now you know how many damage in each Spaceship and if you are close to de max damage.
  • Weapon Balance - Some balance about the damage in the shields, now the game is a little bit more easy, since you have more damage to kill the enemies ;D
  • Respawn Full Health - So, some times the respawn item appears in the screen. Maybe the two spaceships are not dead so, i decided to fill yout health to give you a bonus, maybe this can be better to finish the game more easely.

So, thats it. I hope you enjoy the game and the new features. I will work in the next weeks to add some new enemies, bosses and new fires. 

See you soon in the next patch. ;) 



StarGather 1.44 - 64Bits 46 MB
Jan 24, 2018
StarGather 1.44 - 32 Bits 44 MB
Jan 24, 2018

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